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16 deity quests. Lots of exploration, re-exploration, crafting, and other things with varying levels of tedium.

The rewards: aside from 16 deity-themed fireworks and launchers, plat and experience, I also picked up this mechanical roboboar (which is soooo slow, but hilarious -- it feels like a merry-go-round ride), a pair of wands with various rabbit-related effects (summoning a bunch of rabbits to run around, turning the user into a rabbit, etc), and the "Favored of the Gods" title.

I also had to say goodbye to Breusheni. QQ. :( Mobs are getting tough, and Ren's healing just isn't able to keep up anymore with the damage being dealt -- especially on the stuff I need to kill for the Epic 1.5s. But, he still makes a very good "oh shit!" healer.
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This will undoubtedly be the first in a long line of 'em. Bards, rogues, and especially enchanters are notorious for either having lots of illusion spells or illusion clickies. While this clicky isn't bard-specific, I'm still fairly lucky to have it... it's a random loot card from the Legends of Norrath "card game." (No, I didn't pay any money for it.)


Now at some point, I'm gonna have to farm for the Lute of the Howler...


Feb. 16th, 2011 11:30 am
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Aw yeah, Ren has over 500 AAs. Still a long way to go, not just in AAs but also in levels... but at least I've gotten nearly all of the fundamentals out of the way. He's gettin' pretty tough now.

And yeah, sure enough, I saw Ren's AA exp slow down once I crossed the 500 mark. So what I've heard is more than likely true -- AAs slow down at every 500 points.

As for Cybel, she's a couple hundred behind, but slowly catching up. I've been burning Lesson of the Devoted with both of them grouped together... seriously, the AAs fly when they're working together. However, I've been running regular groups with Cybel alone.

Once they have all the fundamentals I believe they'll need, I'll bump both of them up to level 70 and work on the next set of AAs there. Origin, especially, is something I'll want... think "Hearthstone." Yarr.
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I admit, this is the first time I've been around to witness a progression server launch. I'll be seeing how things go over the next little while... but for now, all I can say is: I've been seeing the response!

A few days ago, Sony added 10 days of free gametime to all non-subscribed accounts, probably so they could get a real idea of how much interest people had in the new server. Well, I play on one realm... over the weekend, my realm constantly had about 10-15 returning players chatting in each General channel*, asking newb/returning questions and such.

* General chat works a bit differently in EQ than WoW -- they aren't restricted to major cities, and each channel has a 200 person cap, so when General fills, people get off-loaded into General1, General2, etc.

Most of the past few weekends, only the first General channel has been filled to capacity, with General1 being only half- to mostly-full, and General2 being about quarter-full. This weekend, I joined all the General channels in an experiment... General, General1, and General2 were capped. General3 had 110-ish, and General4 had about 70. That's a pretty big change... and it doesn't count all the level 1-20 toons people were playing, who automatically join NewPlayers instead of General.

Keep in mind, this was all just on ONE SERVER -- there are at least 10 others.

Today, the Fippy Darkpaw server went live... and while I haven't even tried to log in, I can only imagine what happened to it. Suffice it to say, there is now another new timelocked/voting progression server -- Vulak`Aerr -- being tested tonight for launch tomorrow, to take some load off of poor Fippy.

Source: http://forums.station.sony.com/eq/posts/list.m?topic_id=173676

Here's hoping that the returning players will decide to stick it out and resubscribe, to make it worthwhile for the server GMs!

Personally... it won't be my thing. Old-world content in EQ is not instanced in any way (I have no idea how content from newer expansions works), and raid bosses have 12+ hour respawn timers... some of the most recognizable bosses have 3-7 day spawn timers. Meaning: "Oh, yay! I get to raid Plane of Fear tonight! Time to relive old content, get some new gear for people, and with any luck I can progress my Epic quest too! Here we go, I'm zoning in... loading... loading... aaaand the zone is empty. Another guild just cleared it. Crap!! There goes my night..."

^-- Nope, I don't need to relive that kind of frustration. --^

Something I will be taking advantage of, though: This weekend will have double experience on all servers, minus the progression servers. Aw yeah, both my bard and my pally can use more AAs!
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Somebody out there is taking the time to recreate the old city of Freeport in Minecraft.

That's pretty awesome.
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Sony is launching a new time-locked progression server for EQ. On the 15th, the Fippy Darkpaw server will go live with only classic EverQuest content. For 90 days, it will remain a Classic-only server, at which point a server-wide vote will take place as to whether to open the Kunark expansion. Once Kunark is opened, there will be 60 days of Kunark until the next expansion, Velious, can be voted open by the server. And so on and so on.

Source: http://forums.station.sony.com/eq/posts/list.m?topic_id=173099

The 10-day free playtime period apparently started on the 11th, and will be through the 21st. You don't have to play on Fippy Darkpaw in order to have the free playtime; all that's required is that you have an EverQuest account in good standing to have qualified.

So if you have an account and feel like logging in, say/e-mail hi to me! I'm Renvaras or Cybel on the Tunare server. :P
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The Guild Lobby is always so empty if you get in riiiiight after the servers come up. Allow me to illustrate:

Four small screenshots inside, with larger versions available. )

Oooh, I should totally make an entry about the GM event I won last night. :) The short is: the GMs held a "halfling lake diving" event in Rivervale. I made it farthest, ergo I won.

The longer version is: Everyone created level 1 halflings, they were summoned to a Very High Place within the city, and were to dive into the lake. The person who made it the farthest won. Sadly, nobody actually made it to the lake -- the distance was too far for a level 1 to jump, so we all plummeted to our deaths on or in front of the house below.

I made it farthest, so I won! I received a Fabled earring for my mid-levels to wear (which isn't as good as the Defiant stuff I bought; I'll keep it anyway), and a Leatherfoot Haversack -- 10-slot 100% weight reduction bag (which I most definitely can use.) Aw yeah.

I was in a silly mood last night, so I kept asking the GMs random questions throughout the event. The Dive Master had a habit of calling out the next person's name, like so: "Diverrararara .." This reminded me of how raid-level bosses will /shout "<Your-name>!" right before they Death Touch you... so I asked him, "You know, Dive Master... I hear that big scary monsters, when they shout your name? You die. Is that true?"

His response made me laugh: "That is a rumor started about an incident .. well a long time ago."

After many more shenanigans and hijinx on my part (including yelling "I can see my house from heeeeeere!" as I dived), the Dive Master privately thanked me for my contribution. He also informed me that on some nights, people who contribute heavily to the event receive a special prize... though this time there wasn't a special prize to give, or I would've received it. Doh!

Ah well, I did it for the fun of it anyway. :)
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So, I reactivated my bard in EQ. What the hey. (Incidentally, if anyone wants to hit me up and say "Hi!", my names are Renvaras and Cybel on the Tunare server.) A problem quickly arose, however -- I wanted to level my bard, but I don't quite wanna 2-box just yet. I'd like to get some experience doing bard-y stuff other than pressing a song-twist hotkey, autofollowing, and autoattacking the pally's target. This presented a problem: Ren's been keeping the tank mercenary to himself (since he can do his own healing while merc-soloing), while Cybel's been stuck with the group's healer merc. As some may know, bards ain't exactly the best tanks... sure, they can take a bit of punishment, but each stunning blow cancels all songs they're singing, making them highly ineffective at what they should be doing.

So with a heavy heart, today Cybel parted ways with Sekolea. I tried to put a stop to it, but she would have none of it -- she couldn't even find someone to transfer the contract to. (Even my level 4 Bazaar mule already had a mercenary. /fume) In her stead, she recruited a mighty warrior.

Xalthul, an iksar hailing from the continent of Kunark. (Yes, a walking, scaly, heavily-armored lizard. She sure knows how to pick 'em, huh?)

To test each other's mettle, they set out on an adventure into Grieg's End. During their adventure they did face and overpower many vile creatures. They eventually happened upon a creature most foul and terrible! Being an illusionist of sorts, it was able to assume a number of random forms to any adventurer who laid eyes on her. ... or him. It's hard to tell its gender honestly, since the illusion can be male or female.

At any rate, this particular illusion happened to be an iksar female. Xalthul wasted no time, springing into action to bring down the foul temptress -- perhaps the illusion resembled someone he once knew? He wouldn't say...

Nevertheless, the temptress was dealt a mortal blow... but at a price. Before she was slain, she placed a terrible hex upon poor Xal.

She turned him into a newt!

... he got better, though. Despair not, mighty Xal -- it was only temporary!

(Yes, I feel the hex couldn't have been more spot-on. I'll tell you who got the last laugh from that encounter -- me! The iksar really didn't like each other!)
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I've been working on my pally's Epic 1.5 quest in EQ, chipping away rather swiftly at most of the soloable portions. I'll still be forced to engage a few level 75-80 raid mobs at some point along the way... which means I'll probably wanna find a guild soon. Yarr.

That aside, I came across an item during my solo run in Ssraeshza Temple (I think I spelled that right)... a "Shattered Seal of Warding." It wasn't labeled as a quest item or anything, so I popped over to Allakhazam's EQ wiki and did a quick look-up. Turns out there are ten of these shattered seals scattered all around Luclin -- the moon of Norrath -- and they are not involved directly in any quests. They were there for players to round up and Identify, to decode a clue as to how to progress through Ssra Temple. Of course, when they're Identified you only get small pieces of the message, and it's up to the players to properly arrange them. Here is the message, properly(?) arranged:

Within these seals / Lies a power corrupt / Exiled to darkness / Beyond light / Outside of time / These unbreakable seals / If united in destruction / While united in the hour / Will return the Exiled / The destroyer of gods

I have no idea what that even means... but all the same, it's nifty that things like this exist.

MMO dramaz

Jan. 18th, 2011 07:52 pm
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Yeah, this one's about EverQuest. Brace yerselves!

Okay. We all know how with WoW's quest-based approach to leveling, you usually don't find yourself grinding mobs for experience to make levels. Solo-grinding in WoW is generally slow and boring. Grinding mobs for experience is often faster in dungeons, where the game is instanced and you can kill stuff at your own pace. At the end of it all, warp out and queue for a whole new round. Brilliant.

EverQuest, by comparison... mostly has what could easily be called "dailies" for quests. Despite the name of the game, there are no quests that follow the WoW model... except for the epic weapon quests for each class, or certain quests that are linked to outdated raid progression. Take those out, and you're left with repeatable quests (i.e.: hand in 2 Crushbone Belts at a time for experience and a reward, P.S. bring 30-40 of 'em), and "tasks" (go out and kill 5 of these mobs, and I'll magically give you bonus exp and rewards -- no need to even return to me.)

While there are some instanced dungeons, which were released in an earlier expansion, the exp rewards for going through those don't really compare to non-instanced "hot zones." And because there are no progression-oriented quests that keep people moving through the content in an orderly fashion... you guessed it, grinding and "camping" occurs.

Now, I can understand and respect camping an area of mobs. When I play EQ, I often do it myself -- show me an undead camp that's great exp, and my paladin will go in there and tear it apart repeatedly.

But... when in my absence did it become OK to log out in an area, and then log in at a random time and then re-claim camp, expecting to repel any number of players who've spent the last 20 minutes trying to get to "your" spot?

Regardless, we did respect the guy's wishes. We'd cleared the one path to his location, and when we found him there and he told us the area he was in was now camped, we shrugged and started clearing the alternate path back to the entrance. Cue nerdrage -- "thanks for clearing the other path, I told you this whole area was camped" -- followed by threats to log in his level 90 and destroy everything in the zone, just "to prove I'm right."

Oh, please.

You know, the next time I see that childish threat from an entitled idiot, I'll give him my own little threat. Oh yeah, that's right. I'll log in my level 350+ GM, DM, FU, and ASS. Yeeaahh, and when I do, I'll let their powers combine to form my own little "Team Touch." Don't know what a Team Touch is? Imagine a Death Touch -- instant death. Right. Now, take the Death Touch, and amplify it so that it crits you so hard that it immediately boots you back to the character select screen.

That's not all! When you arrive at the select screen? Your character is dead there, too. What's that? Can't log into him now? Well, we haven't yet worked out the problems with getting a Cleric or a Paladin to rez you at the select screen... sorry.

More realistically, next time I'll just tell him to do it. Yeah, don't stop at just one 90, log in all of your 90s! Camp the whole zone! The only thing you'll be ruining then is your own experience -- we can move to a better zone!

Drama queens r bad, ok.
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Hellfire99X: Yo, figured you might get a kick out of this
Hellfire99X: So I reupped to EQ recently, again. Posted myself as LFG in General chat, right?
[buddy]: Yarr?
Hellfire99X: Random person and I get to talking. She says she'd invite me if the dumbass in her group would leave, etc., she'll keep me in mind though
Hellfire99X: She describes how bad the guy is. "I'd rather invite my autistic kid. (who is sitting next to me playing WoW, and thinks running up and down bridges is the best stuff ever)"
Hellfire99X: I reply, "Sounds like he's in Alterac Valley? :P"
Hellfire99X: "LOL"
Hellfire99X: A pause
Hellfire99X: "I just asked him, he said 'Duh', so I guess that's a yes"
[buddy]: XD
[buddy]: That is both hilarious and terrible
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I mentioned a few days ago that I was getting back into IRC, right? *checks* ... yes, I did. Okay.

Anyone who has played EverQuest and fought an enemy who uses Death Touch, and more specifically knows who Cazic Thule is (the God of ...?), will get this.
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You know, I was going to type up a big, long entry about my thoughts on the "Collector's Edition"... but, I feel it might be best to summarize it instead. Particularly because I might never finish it otherwise!

For starters, it's digital only -- nothing tangible or collectible about it. Secondly, its big selling points are two in-game bags instead of one, two mounts instead of one, two in-game house paintings instead of one, two unique mercenary skins instead of one, and a weapon mold that can only be applied to weapons that less than half of the character classes can use. (It'd be totally imba to apply an epic-looking sword skin to a wizard staff, apparently.) Thirdly, each of these items can only be redeemed on one character per account... which is a dumb restriction, especially when you consider that... Finally, to put the cherry on top, the regular edition is $40, while the "Collector's Edition" is $90.


As if to try to top the cherry itself... every year, SOE hosts a Fan Faire convention, which has multiple membership levels. Platinum Pass is the highest and most expensive level, but these people are promised amazing perks in return. This year, everyone who attended -- not just Platinum Pass holders -- were promised a free copy of House of Thule. Fast-forward a couple months after the Fan Faire: SOE announces the Collector's Edition... EQ's first-ever Collector's Edition in history, I might add (17 expansions total)... with a steep asking price, for what one might not even be able to call proper "DLC"... Platinum Pass members, who paid a couple hundred bucks for Fan Faire membership not counting travel expenses, are not entitled to the Collector's Edition... or even a discount on it.

Yes, Platinum Pass members actually asked for a discount, or a way to "trade up" to a CE. Sony said no -- if they want the CE, they have to pony up the full price. They ran what they called a "promotion," knocking $20 off the pricetag for people who preordered... but still, is improper "DLC" worth $30 or more to any sane person?

Woooooooow. EQ's end times must be nearer than I realized. It almost sounds like Sony is trying to smother it...


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