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These remixes are just... incredible. Indescribable.

Square-Enix, if one of y'all out there reads this... the next time you remake Final Fantasy IV, you should include these two songs in the game -- possibly even the entire remix soundtrack, though I admit I haven't listened to 'em all.

I can totally see the first song completely replacing its original in the final dungeon leading up to Zemus -- hell, have it override all the random battle music, to make it that much more epic. As for the second... Baron invading Fabul, anyone?

And while you're at it, please make it a multi-platform release.

Dreaming's fun...
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I tried uploading a few small tests, trying to improve the quality... but all the tests I did only came up with negligible improvements. This is about as good as it'll get without a full re-record and a few more days' worth of editing & testing. Not really worth the hassle... this was the same problem that delayed my first GW video by several months. :x
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The video is encoded and ready to upload. I'll wait until later tonight to upload it, when bandwidth will be a bit more freed up (people start sleepin'.)

In the meantime... back to Qoga!

Video uploaded, but Youtube butchered the hell out of it. Ugh. Clearly I need to upload more videos so I'll remember (or automate) the optimal video settings.
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..... WAT )

That's pretty fucking cool! But... I guess now my only problem is, deciding whether I can be arsed to learn how to play the Commando. :|

The answer is: Yes, I could be arsed, and I did indeed! Nabbed a video of the mini-mission; I'll probably upload it to Youtube tonight.
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This is more of a "note to self" type of post. I honestly never thought I'd wind up with a list of games I need to start playing or finish... but here we are. Playing an MMO (or two) all the time is bad for your "to do" lists, people!

So, I'm going to list these in the order that I'd like to complete them in, along with any notes that I feel are necessary.

- Minecraft
- Ar tonelico Qoga
- Ar tonelico II*
- Koumajou Densetsu II: Stranger's Requiem
- Gensou Shoujo Taisen Kou
- Trine
- Frozen Synapse
- Sonic Colors (Wii)**
- Earthsiege 2
- Unreal II
- Lords of EverQuest
- Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll
- Mega Man X7

Games I'd like to buy but can't/shouldn't, either due to the above list or a technical hurdle:

- Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes
- Starfarer
- Risk: Factions
- Beat Hazard
- Yars' Revenge
- Section 8: Prejudice
- The Ball
- Bulletstorm
- Tesla: The Weatherman
- Magicka
- Space 2
- Ion Assault
- Zeit
- The Polynomial

* Mir's & Cocona's paths. Also hoping for the fan-retranslation patch, though I might just say hell with it and wade through the crappy NISA-"translated" parts anyway.
** This game is actually kinda good! I'm surprised. I haven't gotten very far though. I'll probably play it when I need a break from RPG-grinding.
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I played the hell out of Final Fantasy 4 when I was a kid, back on my old Super Nintendo. At the time, I was able to complete as much stuff as possible without (or with very limited) internet access, and in later years I went back and got all the secret stuff I missed out on -- things like the Adamant Armor, Dragon Whip, and the Glass Helm. It's one of my most heartily-recommended games from the 90s, for sure.

I just... can't get enthused by this re-release though. In recent years, we've seen direct ports of FF4 to the Playstation and Gameboy Advance, a 3D remake on the Nintendo DS, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years available as DLC on WiiWare and a few handheld platforms... and now this Complete Collection for the PSP, which basically includes all of the above (minus the 3D -- back to 2D.) At their hearts, they're still the same basic game over and over again... same story, which I'm OK with. The storyline exception is The After Years, which is of course a sequel. But the gameplay is... pretty stale, IMO. So stale that they've been adding an auto-combat system with the DS and PSP versions -- so the game can basically play itself while you sit there watching.

Now granted, I'm rather tired of the "random" enemy encounters of older FF games... and I have to admit, I don't know if anything's changed in newer FF chapters, as I haven't played anything since I lost interest in FF8. However, I really, really feel that if I'm going to go through the trouble of playing a classic FF game, the mechanics need to be updated to be less bloody boring. Auto-combat doesn't cut the mustard for me -- it just takes the interactivity out of the game, turning it into a movie that I guide around with the D-pad between battle "cutscenes."

I wish, wish, wish that they would rebalance the gameplay in a way that allowed for a random encounter bar, like the one in the Ar tonelico and Atelier series. You fight 5, 10, 20 random encounters -- the bar empties -- no more random encounters until the next major story event, or until you leave the dungeon. Keep the overworld exploration... hell, have as many random encounters out there as usual. There just comes a time when you wish you could focus more on exploring an area, and less on being annoyed by random encounters that you KNOW you can own, you just need to sacrifice 30+ seconds to the Time Gods every 5-6 steps you take.

As for the combat system itself... heck, I dunno. They could borrow & improve combat systems from other games. Grandia 3 had a fun combat system -- what's not to like about launching a weakened enemy in the air and performing aerial combos with your other teammates? Ar tonelico 1 and 2 have very inspiring combat systems, too -- fight enemies with your vanguard characters, use your vanguards to block any damage from reaching your magic-users, and use your magic-users to either cast supporting magic for your allies or deal heavy magic damage to the enemies. (Still undecided on how I feel about AT3's combat system.)

I just... wish they'd do something. Something! It's okay to take a classic game and spice it up with newer, more fun mechanics. At least I think so; maybe it's just my RPG burnout speaking, though. What do you think?

(Watching a live gameplay stream of the new FF4 release here: http://www.justin.tv/dee_ehn )
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Workin' on it. My only complaint is: 10 classes, 8 mercenary slots. Doh!
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Happy birthday, Ar tonelico III.

(Yeah, I went ahead and got the calendar too. Hope I won't regret it.)
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Also while I'm at it, for anyone who might be interested in the Ar tonelico series but hasn't played either of the first two games... NIS America has restocked them!


(Playstation 2 or other method of play required.)
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Sorry for being late with this, I've been keeping an eye on news from Japan since yesterday and pretty much forgot about this. I'm hoping Japan will be able to pull through this disaster OK.
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Dear Japan,

Holy crap. I'm sorry. :(
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... I really have no idea how this song got stuck in my head. I haven't heard it in ages. It just popped into my head today. /boggle @ self

Easy tune to whistle at least, right?
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Yeah, it happened again. I think something got stuck in mind early today, but... hell if I can remember what it was. The workday ended with something of a jolt, and as a result... yeah, I couldn't remember it to save my life. Maybe tomorrow!
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So a while back, I popped on to Youtube to do my usual video-watching. Youtube greeted me with an interstitial, asking me to associate my old Youtube account with a Google account. Eh, allright, Google's a good company right? I went and created a new Google account, and associated Youtube with it. Fair enough.

Google made a few changes to Youtube along the way, and I felt I needed to contact them to offer my feedback. I did so. I noticed that my feedback didn't have my usual user icon or any info, such as links back to my blog or anything, so I looked into it... discovered I needed a Google Profile to include that stuff. Okay, fine, I created one. Along the way I noted that the profile asked for firstname lastname... so I popped a fake name in there, made sure the box was checked in to not display my firstname lastname publicly, and all was good for a while.

Went back there today, and noticed that Google has changed the way Profiles work. Users cannot hide their firstname lastname from their Profiles anymore, and I was being forced into one of three choices: update my Profile which would automatically make my firstname lastname public in the process, leave my profile as-is (would be automatically deleted July 31st), or delete my Profile. Granted, I used a fake name, but... really, Google? Really?

Profile deleted. I've no use or desire for Facebook, or any "clones" for that matter.
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Usually, I can't wait to get most of my characters into 15k+ vanity armor (even though that's a long way off; i.e.: it might never happen)... but, this one? I think she looks perfect the way she is in her starter gear. Nice and evil... or at least, "evil enough." I likey a lot. If I weren't so terrible at roleplaying, I'd enjoy RPing her or writing her into a story.

Randomly, I should come up with a new Guild Wars icon sometime... this one's old and grainy. A new EQ icon too, while I'm at it.
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Another of the few songs I heard during my brief playtime with Ar tonelico III JP. Totally can't wait for it to arrive! Pre-order is in... yaey!
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So yesterday, I watched 6-7 hours of TotalBiscuit performing a live Shoutcraft of the Frag for Cancer tournament. Between each match, he would pick and play a random music track, usually videogame-related. I distinctly remember a track from the original Soul Calibur game (AWESOME soundtrack, BTW.) He also played the Inspector Gadget theme... like, four or five times. It was incredibly amusing. Ahh, memories!

If TB should ever read this (I highly doubt it... he's a busy man): Yes, the world needs more Inspector Gadget! Until next time... next tiiiiime~!
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An interesting tidbit: During my first job back when I was 17 or 18, our district manager came by our store for an inspection. While he was there and I was just heading out for the night, he and the store manager were chatting about music at the front of the store. I don't remember exactly what was said, but somehow the topic got to Meat Loaf... and I mentioned I had one of his albums. The district manager, who looked like he was about age 40 (I never found out), looked at me in shock. "You've heard of Meat Loaf?" I mentioned this song and the album it's from (Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell), and he was just stunned... but he thought it was cool that someone my age knew about Meat Loaf.

He was a lot nicer to me after that, so I guess Meat Loaf must've been important to him or something. :P
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Seven-Hero parties are now in-game! But that's not all... wait, what's this?

.... holy crap. Just... holy crap?! I think ArenaNet might've just stumbled upon something big here, and whoever came up with this idea ought to be given the biggest raise in existence.

Honestly, one of the big complaints I had with the Hero system was that... while each Hero did have some backstory fleshed out... it wasn't all your story. Know what I mean? It wasn't your character, it was just some character who pledged to follow you for whatever reason. This changes that entirely, and I know so many people who have a level 20 of almost every class in-game who I'm sure must be buying all 8 of these Mercenary Hero slots. Hell, if I had more than 3-4 20s per account, I'd buy them!

I think this is the coolest idea ArenaNet's ever come up with. Kudos. Kudos. I might now have a reason to level a few 20s. (Holy crap!!)


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