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So while I was reading through the docs for creating a Trion Worlds account, I came across this small gem:

F. In the event that Trion sponsors, and you are an eligible participant and winner of, any contest or sweepstakes, you may be required to report as taxable income the value of any prizes received by you. To collect a prize, you will be required to provide a valid Social Security number or other tax identification number and any other information reasonably required by Trion. Trion and/or any sponsor who provides a particular prize may report the value of the prize to Federal and/or state taxing authorities.

A social security number to claim a prize... online. Really. Man, even Blizzard's agreements don't have anything in there requiring a social security number in their hands. I checked.

Now granted, I generally don't participate in "sweepstakes" or other contests -- is it common to require a social security number from the winner(s)? I'd assume it is for huge transactions (major state-sanctioned lottery events, for instance), but I can't even begin to imagine we're talking about million-dollar contests here.

Regardless, I won't be participating in any Trion sweepstakes, and I'll just LOL at any attempt to require such personal information. "You've won a thousand dollars! We just need information from you including your SSN which could potentially be used for identity theft, our servers are and always will be secure, promise with cherries and sprinkles and a small blue ribbon on top." Sorry -- it ain't worth the risk for me, and it shouldn't be worth it for you either.


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