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The subject says it all: the PSN is back up. (Kind of. It doesn't seem to be up right at this moment, but eh. *shrug*)

I've noticed that since the PSN came back online over the weekend, the volume of junk mail in my Spam folder has shot way up. Apparently I have Moneygrams waiting for me in India, and the Bank of China has e-mailed me personally.

Or somebody is desperate for me to open a tainted piece of junk mail and infect my computer with something nasty, in the hopes of acquiring more up-to-date login & contact information. Not gonna happen -- I'm juuuust about set to completely abandon that e-mail address anyway, since it's already seen its fair share of exposure, so by all means keep sending me moneygrams and overseas bank notices. I'll be amused while it lasts.

So I sent off an e-mail to Sony about closing my PSN account with them, and they sent me back a generic form letter addressing a completely different question... one which I never asked. Good job, Sony Network Entertainment -- stay cool, stay classy. You're rapidly approaching Comcastic levels of terrible awesomesauce!

This disjointed bit of rambling was brought to you by coffee. Yes. Coffee. No, I don't need anymore.
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