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On Monday morning, I finally got my Aco up to Job 50, and changed her over to a Priest. Wewt!

(apologies if the image is grainy; I still don't have full access to my main PC or its software)

Around the same time, I bumped into a random battlesmith who tried to party with me. I was in the middle of my Priest quest though, so we added each other to our friends lists and moved on. That evening, we saw each other online again, and decided to try out the new Overlook Water Dungeon that was recently patched it.

In summary, it is essentially a carbon copy of the old Byalan Dungeon, pre-Renewal. I have no idea whether the mobs in there are statted the exact same way as they were pre-Renewal; however, I'll say that they felt about the same. Very tough compared to their post-Renewal counterparts; in post-Renewal, just about everything except MVPs are soloable.

The two of us made it all the way to the final floor of the dungeon before he had to log; the exp was pretty amazing. At my level (~60), most mobs that I can solo easily give between 250-500 exp per kill. The exp scale slides depending on your level vs. the enemy's level, so once you're 10+ levels above them (their names grey out), the exp drastically drops off.

In this case, the trash mobs on the 1st floor, all greys, awarded 600-800 exp per kill -- and that's divided in half (two party members.) By the time we reached the 5th floor, mobs were significantly harder, but were awarding 1400-1600 exp per kill. Very, very nice... I gained 3 levels and 9 job levels in that hour and a half.

Overall, I likey. Well worth my time. I hope I can go back again soon.

Sadly, the dungeon becomes VIP-only after Thursday maintenance, I believe. I'm currently a VIP, so the change won't affect me, but it will limit who I can run the dungeon with.
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