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We'll see how long this lasts. It depends mostly on how long the content can keep me engaged, though having peeps to hang out with would be cool, too. If nothing else, I might nab a second account and level a Priest, since the accounts are free-ish now.

I already like some of the changes I've noticed. Exp requirements have been softened quite a bit, though at the same time combat and experience have been softened up in general, too. Orc Dungeon level 1 was great from level 57/43 to 63/50, which happened within just a few hours yesterday. Each kill gave me about 0.6% towards my level -- far more than the previous < 0.1%.

However, I'm not happy with other changes I've noticed. There doesn't seem to be a clear-cut "next" area to go beyond that... Orc Dungeon 1 and Toy Factory 2 each give about the same amount of exp per kill, about 350/350. My old stomping grounds, Mids 4, has also been "normalized" to a degree -- Isis and Matyrs give about 500/500 exp and are quite a lot harder than Orc Dungeon, mostly because of the Mimics and Ancient Mummies which still suck. Seals, which used to have 9000 HP, dish out a lot of damage, and gave ~3700/~1800 exp, now only have about 1000 HP, deal out only a couple hundred damage per hit, and also give about 500/500 exp. I never found any Alligators where they once were, but the mobs that now replace them -- Groves, I think? -- are much the same.

Glast Heim also received similar treatment -- Wraiths and Ghouls only pony up about 500/500 exp, while Evil Druids, annoying buggers that they are, only cough up about 300/300. Churchyard now also has random spirit mobs that seem to be Crusaders, using Holy Cross and whatnot -- haven't been able to kill one yet.

Interesting changes and whatnot, but also a tad frustrating. Like I said, we'll see how long the novelty lasts.


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