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16 deity quests. Lots of exploration, re-exploration, crafting, and other things with varying levels of tedium.

The rewards: aside from 16 deity-themed fireworks and launchers, plat and experience, I also picked up this mechanical roboboar (which is soooo slow, but hilarious -- it feels like a merry-go-round ride), a pair of wands with various rabbit-related effects (summoning a bunch of rabbits to run around, turning the user into a rabbit, etc), and the "Favored of the Gods" title.

I also had to say goodbye to Breusheni. QQ. :( Mobs are getting tough, and Ren's healing just isn't able to keep up anymore with the damage being dealt -- especially on the stuff I need to kill for the Epic 1.5s. But, he still makes a very good "oh shit!" healer.
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