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SOE gave out 7 free days to former EQ2 players... though once again, I never received any notice of this, even though I should be on their e-mail list. If I weren't playing EQ, I'd be missing out on this -- again. /boggle

I assume I can't do anything that I would consider to be "fun" right now... which would be something like, explore Velious (I don't own Destiny of Velious)... which is really a shame, since Velious was probably my favorite EQ1 expansion. I would just love it if I could get a small glimpse of what it looks like right now. What's become of the Coldain dwarves and the dragons of Skyshrine, both of whom I was max-allied with in EQ1... what sort of fortress Kael Drakkel has evolved into... I wonder if there might be some videos on Youtube.

That aside... while I'm not able to do much of anything in EQ2 right now, I did take this opportunity to tackle a rather large problem I've always had with the game: Ren's appearance.

As I recall, EQ2 originally kicked off in America with one set of character models, while their international EQ2 releases instead received more Asian-themed character models. They eventually brought the Asian models to their American players as well, and players can switch between them at will. My problem with EQ2's original half elf model is, they took the art style in a compleeeetely different direction from that of EQ1... and in Ren's case, it was a brutally ugly direction.

When I first made Ren, I must've spent like five hours trying to come up with something that passed for "decent"... sadly, at the time, you couldn't switch character models at character creation -- that came later, after creation.

In this case, I was able to make him quite tall (for a half elf), and a hundred thousand times better-looking. Woot! Now I have to wonder how I can get Cybel to look...
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