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So I should be playing Ar tonelico Qoga. I really should. I want to complete the series.

But, a few days ago I was reminded that this month is EQ's 12th anniversary, and as such all kinds of special events, critters and whatnot are happening in-game. So, what else could I do but participate while I still can?

Sadly, this is the only image I have right now of anything directly related to the events -- the avatar of the God of storms, Karana, who conveniently hangs out in the vast Plains of Karana. The rest of the screenshots involve traveling to and visiting certain destinations for anniversary scavenger hunts, but are otherwise just scenery. I may add more later... assuming I remember to take the screenshots. >.>

Plane of Knowledge -- an unusually starry sky, and an anniversary tapestry in the background.

The Tower of Frozen Shadow, on the continent of Velious. I think this was my first time ever out here. Woot for scavenger hunts that have you revisit old content!

As I was levitating over the water on my way to Siren's Grotto, also in Velious, I noticed these odd water reflections. Very colorful... I wish that Velious had matching aurora borealis effects in the sky or something. As it is, this is probably caused by a non-existent texture pack somewhere in the game's data -- both the reflective water surfaces and the advanced sky rendering (which isn't really noticeable in certain weathery zones) were bolted on to the game long after Velious was released.
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