Apr. 13th, 2011

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So I should be playing Ar tonelico Qoga. I really should. I want to complete the series.

But, a few days ago I was reminded that this month is EQ's 12th anniversary, and as such all kinds of special events, critters and whatnot are happening in-game. So, what else could I do but participate while I still can?

Sadly, this is the only image I have right now of anything directly related to the events -- the avatar of the God of storms, Karana, who conveniently hangs out in the vast Plains of Karana. The rest of the screenshots involve traveling to and visiting certain destinations for anniversary scavenger hunts, but are otherwise just scenery. I may add more later... assuming I remember to take the screenshots. >.>

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SOE gave out 7 free days to former EQ2 players... though once again, I never received any notice of this, even though I should be on their e-mail list. If I weren't playing EQ, I'd be missing out on this -- again. /boggle

I assume I can't do anything that I would consider to be "fun" right now... which would be something like, explore Velious (I don't own Destiny of Velious)... which is really a shame, since Velious was probably my favorite EQ1 expansion. I would just love it if I could get a small glimpse of what it looks like right now. What's become of the Coldain dwarves and the dragons of Skyshrine, both of whom I was max-allied with in EQ1... what sort of fortress Kael Drakkel has evolved into... I wonder if there might be some videos on Youtube.

That aside... while I'm not able to do much of anything in EQ2 right now, I did take this opportunity to tackle a rather large problem I've always had with the game: Ren's appearance.

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