Mar. 9th, 2011

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So a while back, I popped on to Youtube to do my usual video-watching. Youtube greeted me with an interstitial, asking me to associate my old Youtube account with a Google account. Eh, allright, Google's a good company right? I went and created a new Google account, and associated Youtube with it. Fair enough.

Google made a few changes to Youtube along the way, and I felt I needed to contact them to offer my feedback. I did so. I noticed that my feedback didn't have my usual user icon or any info, such as links back to my blog or anything, so I looked into it... discovered I needed a Google Profile to include that stuff. Okay, fine, I created one. Along the way I noted that the profile asked for firstname lastname... so I popped a fake name in there, made sure the box was checked in to not display my firstname lastname publicly, and all was good for a while.

Went back there today, and noticed that Google has changed the way Profiles work. Users cannot hide their firstname lastname from their Profiles anymore, and I was being forced into one of three choices: update my Profile which would automatically make my firstname lastname public in the process, leave my profile as-is (would be automatically deleted July 31st), or delete my Profile. Granted, I used a fake name, but... really, Google? Really?

Profile deleted. I've no use or desire for Facebook, or any "clones" for that matter.
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Yeah, it happened again. I think something got stuck in mind early today, but... hell if I can remember what it was. The workday ended with something of a jolt, and as a result... yeah, I couldn't remember it to save my life. Maybe tomorrow!


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