Mar. 2nd, 2011

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It's been so long since I've played either of the first two Ar tonelico games, I actually had a hard time remembering who this theme belonged to. Clearly this means I need to re-play the series... again... which might happen, with Ar tonelico Qoga on its way soon. (YAYAYAY!!)

When this popped in my head earlier today, I'd convinced myself that this theme was Misha's second-level Cosmosphere theme in the first game. Turns out it's actually Lady Cloche's second Cosmosphere theme, from the second game. Whoops! To be honest, I did kinda rocket through most of Cloche's later Cosmosphere stages; NIS America's translation was just too butchered, too painful to take seriously. Their translation of Cloche's later Cosmosphere stages was bad, but their translation of the bonus storyline was just complete and utter tripe. It actually convinced me to hold off on completing Jakuri's Cosmosphere until the Ar tonelico II Retranslation Project could finish its own translation. Sadly, it looks like AT3 will see its release before they finish...

Anyway, all that aside. ''What's an Ar tonelico, and what's a Cosmosphere?'' you might ask. )


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