Feb. 28th, 2011

hellfire99x: (iRO - Renvaras)

(It takes about a minute for the song to ramp up. Play it in the background while doing something else -- trust me.)

I always loved roaming the dungeons of Geffen... at least, before they revamped nearly every zone in the game to add more difficult monsters & combat botting. Until that point, I enjoyed Geffen. Catchy music, lots of mobs (which I could usually Magnum Break down on my own), a few deaths here and there, but lots of fun.

The original song can be heard here:
Though I have to admit, in my mind the original kinda pales in comparison to the remix. Not very often that happens. o.O

On a related note, who out there remembers Toy Factory? *raises hand* /gg


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