Feb. 20th, 2011

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What are your thoughts on powerleveling -- either powerleveling someone else, or being powerleveled yourself?

Personally, to an extent I don't mind it... though I do have some minor problems with it.

For starters, I don't really mind if someone powerlevels somebody else, or how they go about doing it. That's really none of my concern; how somebody else chooses to play is entirely up to them. I just hope they don't suck at what they do or are supposed to do in the higher levels.

To an extent, I don't really mind powerleveling somebody else... if I really intend to party with that person once they're caught up to my level, I'll go out of my way to give them a leg up if they want it. Along the way, however, I'll try to train them everything I know about their group role so they'll be good at what they do when it comes time. I've done this for friends in the past... though it's been a long time, and we've all kinda gone our separate ways, which I'm cool with.

About being powerleveled... I don't really mind being powerleveled myself, as long as I'm contributing to the process somehow, or at least learning stuff about my group role along the way. Even if I'm doing basic stuff like, attacking (and probably missing a lot), nuking (and probably getting resisted a lot), healing others (with laughably weak baby heals), pulling (everything in the zone due to my low level)... I'm learning mechanics and honing my skills the entire time. I don't like to just sit there and soak up exp... I might as well not be playing then.

That being said, when I first created Cybel, I totally powerleveled her to 60 during a previous double-experience weekend... though still "to an extent." I focused entirely on her, though I used my existing characters to keep her buffed, healed and all. Ranger buffs, pally heals, etc. As she leveled, I also took time-outs every 10-15 levels to cap all of her skill levels -- weaponry, defense, instruments, languages, etc. -- and eventually worked her up into one of the best characters I've ever made. She's certainly returned the favor by now, too.

Last night, I was presented with an awkward situation -- ''sit there, get exp.'' ''Might as well be watching Youtube videos'' is exactly what I ended up doing instead. :P )
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This will undoubtedly be the first in a long line of 'em. Bards, rogues, and especially enchanters are notorious for either having lots of illusion spells or illusion clickies. While this clicky isn't bard-specific, I'm still fairly lucky to have it... it's a random loot card from the Legends of Norrath "card game." (No, I didn't pay any money for it.)


Now at some point, I'm gonna have to farm for the Lute of the Howler...


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