Feb. 11th, 2011

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Source: http://www.npr.org/2011/02/07/133559684/foreign-policy-drop-the-case-against-assange

Aaaaamen. I could go into a whole rant about how the U.S. government is handling both the WikiLeaks case and the Egyptian government case, but I think this article sums it up much more nicely than I ever could.

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Source: http://nisamerica.com/games/atq/


Time to scour NISA's website and see if they'll be doing some extra-special preorder stuffs through their store. [edit: A Purge calendar... hmm, nah.] Finally, my purchase of a PS3 will no longer be for naught! The game that I have all been waiting for will soon arrive!

... the Purge system is still being turned off though...

Oh god, they gave Mute a super-deep masculine voice. Can't say I blame 'em, though... it would be incredibly hard to get someone to reproduce her JP Pikachu voice. :P

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOEoIMZmoHQ @ 7:45

Yeah, that big musclebound female actually has Pikachu's voiceactor in the JP version. No word of a lie. It was so hilarious!

[edit #2]
Oh my... okay. I understand that "Selepetor" was a bad name to try to localize. I saw that name compared to all the names of the other characters and sat there, a bit dismayed. Ironically she seems to be one of the best personalities of the bunch, but I digress.

They localized it to "Saraptra"...? I think that's even worse. However, seeing that name did pop an idea into my head... "Serapatra," or perhaps "Sarapatra." With a bit of thought, one can relate to that name a bit better. "Sara"... and "patra". "patra" makes me think of "Cleopatra", though that has little or nothing to do with the character at hand -- still, it's something at least remotely familiar.

Ah well, I don't get to decide things like that. Though if I were on the localization team, I would've requested fan participation in deciding the name. ;)
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The Guild Lobby is always so empty if you get in riiiiight after the servers come up. Allow me to illustrate:

Four small screenshots inside, with larger versions available. )

Oooh, I should totally make an entry about the GM event I won last night. :) The short is: the GMs held a "halfling lake diving" event in Rivervale. I made it farthest, ergo I won.

The longer version is: Everyone created level 1 halflings, they were summoned to a Very High Place within the city, and were to dive into the lake. The person who made it the farthest won. Sadly, nobody actually made it to the lake -- the distance was too far for a level 1 to jump, so we all plummeted to our deaths on or in front of the house below.

I made it farthest, so I won! I received a Fabled earring for my mid-levels to wear (which isn't as good as the Defiant stuff I bought; I'll keep it anyway), and a Leatherfoot Haversack -- 10-slot 100% weight reduction bag (which I most definitely can use.) Aw yeah.

I was in a silly mood last night, so I kept asking the GMs random questions throughout the event. The Dive Master had a habit of calling out the next person's name, like so: "Diverrararara .." This reminded me of how raid-level bosses will /shout "<Your-name>!" right before they Death Touch you... so I asked him, "You know, Dive Master... I hear that big scary monsters, when they shout your name? You die. Is that true?"

His response made me laugh: "That is a rumor started about an incident .. well a long time ago."

After many more shenanigans and hijinx on my part (including yelling "I can see my house from heeeeeere!" as I dived), the Dive Master privately thanked me for my contribution. He also informed me that on some nights, people who contribute heavily to the event receive a special prize... though this time there wasn't a special prize to give, or I would've received it. Doh!

Ah well, I did it for the fun of it anyway. :)
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Like Tunisia, the people of Egypt have gotten what they demanded. I'm proud for both of them. I hope that no matter what form their new governments take, the people get what they're looking for -- even if they might be governments that complicate relations with their current and prior allies.
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Hurrah, I've leveled up to the next decimal point! /cheer

Randomly, I'm sorry for all the entries today. Holy crap, I've been busy today. O.o This doesn't happen very often, so I hope it doesn't bother anyone too much.

Anyway, in spite of the Ar tonelico Qoga news reaching my eyes today, I could not get an Ar tonelico song stuck in my head to save my life. Maybe it'll happen next week. Alas, today's was a completely different song...

Today's song is Radha's theme, "Hasen no Asana," from the Super Robot Taisen: Original Generations soundtrack.

This one came to me thanks once again to Winamp's "random" function. I always enjoyed attacking with Radha's unit, since her combat music and overall character tended to be a bit more peaceful than others in my squad. Plus with a bit of work, she's a pretty good shot, OK at dodging, and her Schutzwald (pictured at the end of the video) is quite a sturdy tank! It equals the Alteisen's sturdiness, though the Alt is generally a better unit due to its better mobility and heavier firepower. Still, the Schutzwald has long-range weaponry, something the Alt sorely lacks...

I am such a nerd.

I kinda want to play Super Robot Wars now...


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