Feb. 7th, 2011

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First of all, hope everybody had an awesome Super Bowl Sunday, even if you didn't watch the game. I almost forgot... not a big sports fan. :P

I meant to post an entry yesterday, but never got around to it. For starters, after about a week with the older motherboard, I started finding it had problems of its own. Bloody Socket 939 generation... I swear they all had problems.

Computers! )

With that out of the way... I saw this video last night. I never played the original Deus Ex game, but the trailer for the sequel makes me want to. Holy crap, it's a good watch.

And finally, the Canthan New Year finale happened last night! I meant to post this yesterday too, but alas -- I forgot myself! Up until riiiight before the Superbowl started, anyway. For those of you out there looking for new headgear, if you still have last year's headgear, don't worry -- you didn't miss anything, it was the same this year. You do have the chance to pick up a Celestial Rabbit minipet, but it's like a 0.5% droprate from a fortune, and you need three Lunar Tokens per fortune. With the finale over, you'd have to do minigames or farm PVE content to gather tokens. I opened around 40 fortunes between my two accounts, but no dice. Doh!

That's about all I can think of for now. Time to get s'more caffeine.


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