Feb. 2nd, 2011

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This one's much easier for me, for a couple of reasons. The first being: the CD I ordered from Japan finally arrived today, and it's the only thing I've been listening to all day. The second being: one of the songs from the album is already up on Youtube. It isn't the song that I would normally choose for today's entry, but I'll do it anyway out of respect for the artist.

Today's song is 「海老Body」 "Ebi Body", from ゴマアブラ/Gomaabura.

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So, I reactivated my bard in EQ. What the hey. (Incidentally, if anyone wants to hit me up and say "Hi!", my names are Renvaras and Cybel on the Tunare server.) A problem quickly arose, however -- I wanted to level my bard, but I don't quite wanna 2-box just yet. I'd like to get some experience doing bard-y stuff other than pressing a song-twist hotkey, autofollowing, and autoattacking the pally's target. This presented a problem: Ren's been keeping the tank mercenary to himself (since he can do his own healing while merc-soloing), while Cybel's been stuck with the group's healer merc. As some may know, bards ain't exactly the best tanks... sure, they can take a bit of punishment, but each stunning blow cancels all songs they're singing, making them highly ineffective at what they should be doing.

So with a heavy heart, today Cybel parted ways with Sekolea. I tried to put a stop to it, but she would have none of it -- she couldn't even find someone to transfer the contract to. (Even my level 4 Bazaar mule already had a mercenary. /fume) In her stead, she recruited a mighty warrior.

Xalthul, an iksar hailing from the continent of Kunark. (Yes, a walking, scaly, heavily-armored lizard. She sure knows how to pick 'em, huh?)

To test each other's mettle, they set out on an adventure into Grieg's End. During their adventure they did face and overpower many vile creatures. They eventually happened upon a creature most foul and terrible! Being an illusionist of sorts, it was able to assume a number of random forms to any adventurer who laid eyes on her. ... or him. It's hard to tell its gender honestly, since the illusion can be male or female.

At any rate, this particular illusion happened to be an iksar female. Xalthul wasted no time, springing into action to bring down the foul temptress -- perhaps the illusion resembled someone he once knew? He wouldn't say...

Nevertheless, the temptress was dealt a mortal blow... but at a price. Before she was slain, she placed a terrible hex upon poor Xal.

She turned him into a newt!

... he got better, though. Despair not, mighty Xal -- it was only temporary!

(Yes, I feel the hex couldn't have been more spot-on. I'll tell you who got the last laugh from that encounter -- me! The iksar really didn't like each other!)


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