Jan. 31st, 2011

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Yeah, so I might've accidentally gotten a bit overzealous with fixing my computer yesterday... uh, whoops? Details to follow.

With the motherboard swap, came the need to uninstall some unneeded drivers and to install the proper drivers. The old board had an nVidia nForce chipset, while this board uses an SiS chipset. So, I uninstalled the nVidia drivers OK. I popped over to ASRock's website, the motherboard manufacturer, and downloaded the LAN driver and IDE driver. While I would've downloaded the SATA driver instead, as I don't use IDE anymore, the SATA driver was more of a RAID utility... and since I don't do RAID either, I saw no point. Plus, nVidia's own "IDE" driver actually boosts SATA performance too.

I install the LAN driver, followed by the IDE driver. In the meantime, I was also uploading the driver packages from my netbook to VirusTotal "to be safe." LAN driver came up just fine, but the IDE driver was marked as "suspicious - DNAScan" by two of VirusTotal's scanners. Huh. Looked up DNAScan... malware... WoW account hijacking. Oh boy.

Well, it only came up marked as suspicious by two of them... false positives happen. Besides, the driver was already installed and the PC rebooting anyway. Let's see what it does... okay, new program folder in the Start menu, "IDEUtil"... huh, this shortcut has an odd name. It even includes the .exe extension at the end. /boggle. Open it up... it pops up a very engrish-y message, along the lines of "you do not install driver IDE, sorry", and then exits out. Okay, it doesn't do what it's supposed to, and it's written poorly -- red flag #2. Popped into my Device Manager to see if there was a SiS driver installed, similar to nVidia's nForce drivers... uh, nope, just generic Windows drivers. Red flag #3.

I take a closer look at the shortcut in the Start menu, the one ending in ".exe" -- right-click, properties. Uh... there's no "Target" field, or even a "Start in" field. Wait -- this is the EXE itself! No fucking way, it installed the EXE into the Start menu? And no uninstaller or documentation? Alarm bells are going off in my head -- this is bad.

Let's see, Add/Remove Programs... uh, nope, no uninstall information there either. I don't know what files this may have modified, either. Great. I unpacked the installer to find out what files it might've added, found 'em and deleted 'em, and then went Registry-digging.

Long story short, I borked my system -- Windows wouldn't boot anymore, not even in Safe Mode. Reinstalled Windows to get it up and running again, though it was running horrendously slow. Used that time to back up my data, then low-level formatted the drive and installed a fresh copy of Windows. Now it's running fine... not quite as well as it did on the nVidia chipset, but that's because the nVidia chipset drivers actually, y'know, do something.

And as it turns out, the ASRock IDE "driver" I downloaded? Yeah, it was legitimate -- just stupid and pointless. Note to self: Never buy an ASRock motherboard again.

Now to get on to actually testing stability.

On an unrelated note, I've noticed since reinstalling that the Vivaldi text at the top of my DW page doesn't work anymore. It appears to be a non-standard font. Great... I'll have to come up with a workaround. I wonder if/how I can trick Dreamwidth into displaying a GIF instead of text. /ponder
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I'm having some fun with MIDI instrument sets. Methinks another video will go up tonight. Mwahahaha~
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Allright, I'm gonna give this a try. I make no promises or guarantees that I'll be able to keep this up for the long haul... but hey, I'll give it a shot. :P

Today's song is the "Ak'Anon" theme, from EverQuest.

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