Jan. 28th, 2011

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I've been working on my pally's Epic 1.5 quest in EQ, chipping away rather swiftly at most of the soloable portions. I'll still be forced to engage a few level 75-80 raid mobs at some point along the way... which means I'll probably wanna find a guild soon. Yarr.

That aside, I came across an item during my solo run in Ssraeshza Temple (I think I spelled that right)... a "Shattered Seal of Warding." It wasn't labeled as a quest item or anything, so I popped over to Allakhazam's EQ wiki and did a quick look-up. Turns out there are ten of these shattered seals scattered all around Luclin -- the moon of Norrath -- and they are not involved directly in any quests. They were there for players to round up and Identify, to decode a clue as to how to progress through Ssra Temple. Of course, when they're Identified you only get small pieces of the message, and it's up to the players to properly arrange them. Here is the message, properly(?) arranged:

Within these seals / Lies a power corrupt / Exiled to darkness / Beyond light / Outside of time / These unbreakable seals / If united in destruction / While united in the hour / Will return the Exiled / The destroyer of gods

I have no idea what that even means... but all the same, it's nifty that things like this exist.


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