Jan. 23rd, 2011

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Yes, I actually do read those things. And I was perfectly willing to accept the new agreements, until I came upon this part of the Privacy Policy:

"At times, we may offer special access to pay-per-view or other special promotional events (e.g., live broadcast of concerts), and we may share your Personal Information with those entities and advertisers that are participating in such event. Unless otherwise stated, we will only share your name and email address to the such parties, so you may receive newsletters or promotional materials from such entities."

This bothered me. "Personal Information" was defined earlier in the agreement as including but not limited to "your name, phone number, credit card or other billing information, email address and home and business postal addresses." But, in this specific scenario it'll just be name and e-mail address that are shared... unless otherwise stated.

It also doesn't specify something else that I feel is incredibly important: Will Ustream just automatically hand over its entire database and backlog of Personal Information to every event participant & advertiser -- regardless of the user's level of participation in the special event?

Example: "Hey, we scored a new pay-per-view deal! Hoo-whee! Here's our whole user database -- even the people who will never watch it!"

Earlier in the Privacy Policy section, it mentioned that if I have any questions, I should contact their privacy department; contact information at the bottom of the policy. So I scrolled to the bottom. The e-mail address is privacy@ustream.tv -- great! I go and type up an e-mail detailing my concerns, pop in the e-mail address, and send it off on its way. Yay!


The e-mail bounced back to me. privacy@ustream.tv doesn't exist. I even tried Privacy@ustream.tv and privacy@ustream.com -- no exist.
(A precursor? Foreshadowing, perhaps...?)

Sigh @ Ustream fail.

Sorry Ustream, but I don't need to watch Starcraft 2 streams that badly. If you can afford the lawyers to draft out those lengthy legal documents, you can DAMN well afford to maintain your own contact services -- especially those referred to in your own documents!


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