Jan. 18th, 2011

MMO dramaz

Jan. 18th, 2011 07:52 pm
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Yeah, this one's about EverQuest. Brace yerselves!

Okay. We all know how with WoW's quest-based approach to leveling, you usually don't find yourself grinding mobs for experience to make levels. Solo-grinding in WoW is generally slow and boring. Grinding mobs for experience is often faster in dungeons, where the game is instanced and you can kill stuff at your own pace. At the end of it all, warp out and queue for a whole new round. Brilliant.

EverQuest, by comparison... mostly has what could easily be called "dailies" for quests. Despite the name of the game, there are no quests that follow the WoW model... except for the epic weapon quests for each class, or certain quests that are linked to outdated raid progression. Take those out, and you're left with repeatable quests (i.e.: hand in 2 Crushbone Belts at a time for experience and a reward, P.S. bring 30-40 of 'em), and "tasks" (go out and kill 5 of these mobs, and I'll magically give you bonus exp and rewards -- no need to even return to me.)

While there are some instanced dungeons, which were released in an earlier expansion, the exp rewards for going through those don't really compare to non-instanced "hot zones." And because there are no progression-oriented quests that keep people moving through the content in an orderly fashion... you guessed it, grinding and "camping" occurs.

Now, I can understand and respect camping an area of mobs. When I play EQ, I often do it myself -- show me an undead camp that's great exp, and my paladin will go in there and tear it apart repeatedly.

But... when in my absence did it become OK to log out in an area, and then log in at a random time and then re-claim camp, expecting to repel any number of players who've spent the last 20 minutes trying to get to "your" spot?

Regardless, we did respect the guy's wishes. We'd cleared the one path to his location, and when we found him there and he told us the area he was in was now camped, we shrugged and started clearing the alternate path back to the entrance. Cue nerdrage -- "thanks for clearing the other path, I told you this whole area was camped" -- followed by threats to log in his level 90 and destroy everything in the zone, just "to prove I'm right."

Oh, please.

You know, the next time I see that childish threat from an entitled idiot, I'll give him my own little threat. Oh yeah, that's right. I'll log in my level 350+ GM, DM, FU, and ASS. Yeeaahh, and when I do, I'll let their powers combine to form my own little "Team Touch." Don't know what a Team Touch is? Imagine a Death Touch -- instant death. Right. Now, take the Death Touch, and amplify it so that it crits you so hard that it immediately boots you back to the character select screen.

That's not all! When you arrive at the select screen? Your character is dead there, too. What's that? Can't log into him now? Well, we haven't yet worked out the problems with getting a Cleric or a Paladin to rez you at the select screen... sorry.

More realistically, next time I'll just tell him to do it. Yeah, don't stop at just one 90, log in all of your 90s! Camp the whole zone! The only thing you'll be ruining then is your own experience -- we can move to a better zone!

Drama queens r bad, ok.


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