Jan. 15th, 2011

hellfire99x: (EverQuest)
Hellfire99X: Yo, figured you might get a kick out of this
Hellfire99X: So I reupped to EQ recently, again. Posted myself as LFG in General chat, right?
[buddy]: Yarr?
Hellfire99X: Random person and I get to talking. She says she'd invite me if the dumbass in her group would leave, etc., she'll keep me in mind though
Hellfire99X: She describes how bad the guy is. "I'd rather invite my autistic kid. (who is sitting next to me playing WoW, and thinks running up and down bridges is the best stuff ever)"
Hellfire99X: I reply, "Sounds like he's in Alterac Valley? :P"
Hellfire99X: "LOL"
Hellfire99X: A pause
Hellfire99X: "I just asked him, he said 'Duh', so I guess that's a yes"
[buddy]: XD
[buddy]: That is both hilarious and terrible


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