Jan. 2nd, 2011

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I'm sure that we've all heard the concept of "gearscore," right? You take the item levels of all your equipment and add 'em together. Right.

WoW players should have a stat called "playscore." Something that measures attentiveness on both a local and global scale, reaction speed, actions per minute, knowledge of your abilities, and the overall results of those actions. Some examples?

If you stand there autoattacking or spamming one hotkey for deeps, your playscore goes down. If you only heal one target, letting your teammates suffer and die, and worse yet if you only use a single healing button and/or overheal like crazy, your playscore goes down. If you consistently can't hold aggro on yourself as a tank, your playscore goes down unless one of the other players is just doing outrageous deeps or is taunting for whatever reason. If you're not a tank and you intentionally pull aggro, your playscore goes down. If you stand in the fire, vortex, void zone, slime, falling rocks, etc., your playscore goes down (unless you can heal yourself through it.) If you die from standing where you shouldn't be, your playscore goes down -- and it starts nosediving after repeated deaths. If Onyxia knocks you into the whelps, if you trigger Shade's Flamewreath, if you're the Living Bomb and you go off in the middle of your raid, or if you otherwise cause a raid wipe yourself, your playscore goes down.

Conversely, if you heal your entire group/raid without any issues, deaths, etc., or if your healing abilities prevent a wipe from someone else's screw-up, your playscore goes up. If you cleanse or dispel nasty debuffs from your group/raid, your playscore goes up. If you as a tank always keep aggro on you and don't let anybody die, and are on top of adds before they start harassing your other party members, your playscore goes up -- possibly even way up. If a wandering mob joins the fight and you pause your deeps to CC it, your playscore goes up. If you remember to Soulstone a party member, if you summon food/water for others, if you remember to buff people, if you remember to DI the healer and thereby prevent a lengthy corpse run for everyone, if you battle rez a fallen healer, if you're not flagged or specced as a healer but heal & save a near-death player anyway, your playscore goes up.

Wishful thinking, I know. But it's fun to think about!


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